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Over 11 years experience calling former employers. is the most accurate and cost effective method to confirm what former employers say about you.  We call your job references and tell you what they are saying. You will know with complete confidence whether or not to use this job reference.
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Who do you call?
Customer Testimonials
Human Resources or Old Boss?
A potential employer will call your former boss or supervisor first. They usually say much more than HR. We want to see if your old boss sends us to HR, how they do it.  We then call HR for no additional charge.  Other companies will charge you for another reference check if they get sent to HR. We offer a better reference check service at a better price.
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Mark,  Shelton, CT
   I was a bit skeptical about using the service. I have known my references for a long time. I left on good terms... Click here
Tracey,  Orange County, CA

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, Sexual Harassment, At-will Employment, Workplace Harassment, Bad Boss,
  Bad Job References, Good Job References, Nurse References, Teacher References

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Reference Slamming

If you spend hours working on your resume, cover letter, posting on job boards, going on interviews without a job offer.

You could be a victim of Reference Slamming.

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Why Choose CheckMyReference?
11+ years in business
A+ Rating with BBB
Faster Service - no extra charge
Better Service at a Great Price.

Lawyers Use Our Service
Lawyers recommend CheckMyReference when they want information for their clients. We provide employment job reference checks in a format requested by attorneys. Combined with detailed results, quick turn around time and lowest prices,we will earn your business too. Employee job reference checking is a vital part of today’s hiring process. Can you really afford to take a chance on losing a job by NOT knowing what job references are saying about you?
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