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   How does work?

It's simple. After your payment has been processed, we immediately email you a confirmation of your purchase. In that email, there is a link that takes you to our web form, where you can provide the information we need in order to contact your references. After you have filled in the information, we immediately assign your case to a counselor and begin to make the calls.

   How many times will you call and do you leave messages? will call as many times as it takes to get to your reference. Other services will call 3 times then tell you it is a bad reference because they did not respond. You pay us to know what is being said. We will find out. We do not like to leave messages. We do not want to give your reference advanced warning as to the nature of our call.

   Will a former employer know that I hired you to check my reference?

They will never know that we are calling from, or that you initiated this reference verification. We have another business entity that performs employment verifications for employers. We identify ourselves as being from that company if necessary. We have a web site and business address for employer related communication.

   How many references should I have checked?

You should check as many bosses, direct supervisors, or co-workers at a former job who would be able to disclose information to a prospective employer who might call. This way you can be assured of what they will say about you.

   What information can they reveal about me?

Different companies have different policies about disclosing information about past employees. Sometimes they are adamant about only releasing employment dates and position held but most often we are still able to obtain employment information from former bosses who are willing to talk. These people are the ones that a potential employer will be calling to get information about you.

   Can I ask specific questions from my former employers?

We are able to do custom reports and ask about a specific issue that you are concerned about. Let our counselors know and we would be available to accommodate your needs. There may be an additional charge.

   Who would be my best reference?

A potential employer is going to call your last supervisor. They are usually the best source of information. You should find out what they are going to say since you generally would include their names on your new job application. You might want us to call Human Resources as well to find out what the “official statement” would be from your former employer.

   If my boss says negative things or lies, what can I do?

Depending what your former employer reveals might depend on how you want to proceed. If they have disclosed untrue information that you can disprove, you may want to contact an attorney who specializes in employment issues. You should seek the advice of an attorney if you wish to pursue legal action against them. You may want to use someone else at your former job that would give you a favorable reference. What your former employer is saying can affect your chances of getting a new job so you want to find out as much as you can.

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