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Nurse Job References

Job reference recommendation show that people in your life respect your skills and accomplishments, think you would do well in nursing jobs, and are willing to say so in writing and sign their names. That’s actually quite wonderful.

This page talks about how to obtain the best nurse job reference recommendations you can in as painless a way as possible.

Nursing Job References: Who Should You Ask? First of all, the person who gives a recommendation for you should be someone who knows you relatively well. That doesn’t mean that only long time associates qualify. It does mean that the recommender has had enough interaction with you to give a genuine assessment of your skills and achievements. The people you choose to give your job reference recommendations must have the ability to say nice things about you.  These job references are very influential in your case for a job and you need to be sure that your job reference recommenders can translate their thoughts about you. You may not always  know how well people talk about you, but, to the extent that you do know or can find out. It is also very important that your job references can be relied upon to produce the necessary information within the right timeframe.

After you receive a job reference report from CheckMyReference, you should send a note of of appreciation if they have positive things to say about you. Let your good job references know that you appreciate their help.

Evaluating Your Job References Reports. Does the job reference address the topics it needs to? Does the job reference report show strong support for you and make it easier for a potential employer to choose you? Does the job reference sound professional and well-informed?

Great! But, what if…? What if the job reference does not address all of the necessary topics? This is tricky. If you know the job reference well, you may be able to approach them, point out the problem and ask them to add some content on that topic. If you are uncomfortable with asking, you need to seriously think about whether or not the job reference is usable. Your decision may depend upon whether or not you have alternative job references that you can ask and how much time is left before the application needs to be submitted.


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