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I worked for an IT solutions company for 4 years. Last year most of the sales staff was laid off. Things finally were picking up with more interviews. I was shocked to find out my old boss saying some really rotten things. I believe he didn't want to compete with me. Thanks for finding out for me. Darryl T., Cleveland, OH

My former supervisor never had anything nice to say about anyone. After getting the reference report, I notified the Human Resource department. I do not think he will be saying anything bad again, well, that is what the HR manager promised me. Thanks for confirming my suspicion. Dianna R., Ft. Myers, FL

My partner and I owned a daycare together. She bought my half and we parted on good terms. So I thought. I was shocked to hear what she was saying. I wouldn't have hired me either if any of what she said was true. We had a nice long talk and hopefully that won't happen again. Felicia R., Dallas, TX

I never knew a service like yours existed. My outplacement counselor suggested I find out what was being said about me. I am glad I listened to her. David W., Seattle, WA I was so worried my old boss would say bad things. I was so relieved and happy to find out that he was giving me a good reference. Thank you, Alan M., Orlando, FL

I had worked for a hospital for 5 years.  I had never been written up or reprimanded.  After my supervisor quit, my new boss was making me crazy.  One day he wrote me up 2 times for things that I didn't do.  I had a enough.  I decided it would be best if I left.  I never thought I would still be looking for a job 6 months later.  I tried to do the right thing, and that jerk was making up stories about me.  My lawyer is very happy with your report and affidavit.  Thank you!  Bruce, Hartford, CT

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