How We Work

How does reference checking work with CheckMyReferences?

Calling References

We call your references as many times as it takes to get an answer.  You’re paying us because you want to know what’s being said about you…
we WILL find out!

We Won’t Give Up!


Gathering Information

Our trained professionals have proven experience getting job reference information from your former boss.  Our techniques are proprietary to our business.  These unique skills get you more information than any other service in our industry.

The Information You Need!

Detailed Reporting

We don’t just tell you what your reference said, we tell you how they said it.  How your reference answers the questions is just as important as what they are saying.

We’re In Your Corner!

I was surprised to find out that after 11 successful years with the same company, my boss wouldn’t share even the most basic information about my job performance. I know now that I need to find another reference.

Brian B.

Plano, TX


If you made it this far, you still have questions about what your former boss is saying about you. Our FAQ section will give you most of the information you need to make a decision. If you just need to talk to a human before making this very important decision, please call us. We do ask that you look at the FAQ section first.

I'm Ready to Get Started!


Basic Reference Check

The fundamental information, employment history and accomplishments. Recommended for individuals who were not in a management position, or for contacting an HR department.


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Professional Reference Check

For those in a management or supervisory role. Everything in the basic check, plus we have a detailed discussion about your accomplishments and history.


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Executive Reference Check

The most comprehensive and complete discussion about your skills as a company executive. Includes a detailed evaluation of your reference and more.


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