Professional Reference Check


Recommended for individuals who were in a management or supervisory role – we suggest calling your direct supervisor for this check.

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Each Reference Check purchased is for ONE reference.

The Professional check is geared towards individuals who were in a management or supervisory role, and in most cases, we recommend that we call your direct supervisor to get this information. We will have a detailed discussion about your accomplishments and some areas where you might need some improvement.

Our Professional Reference Check report includes everything in the Basic check plus:

  • What you did on a daily basis.
  • A comprehensive inventory of your interpersonal skills and accomplishments.
  • Can you be recommended for a similar position?
  • Will your former employer recommend you for another job?
  • Can we be directed to another manager or peer who can discuss your abilities candidly?
  • We ask them to make a recommendation about you to your prospective employer. We will ask them, What will make you successful in your next role?
  • An evaluation of what they say and how they say it.